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Victoria K. Holt is Deputy Assistant Secretary of State at the Bureau of International Organization Affairs. Previously, Ms. Holt was a Senior Associate at the Henry L. Stimson Center, a Washington, DC think tank, where she co-directed the Future of Peace Operations program. Ms. Holt joined the Stimson Center in 2001, bringing policy and political expertise on foreign and military affairs from her work at the State Department, in the NGO field and on Capitol Hill over the previous 15 years.

She served previously as a Senior Policy Advisor at the State Department (Legislative Affairs) during the Clinton Administration, where she was responsible for interaction with Congress on issues involving the UN, peacekeeping and international organizations. She was Executive Director of the Emergency Coalition for US Financial Support of the United Nations, a bipartisan coalition of leading statesmen and civic organizations, and directed a project on peacekeeping issues at the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation in Washington, DC. For seven years, Ms. Holt worked as a senior Congressional staffer, focusing on defense and foreign policy issues for members of the House Armed Services Committee. She served as Legislative Director for Rep. Thomas H. Andrews and as Senior Legislative Assistant to Rep. George J. Hochbrueckner.

Ms. Holt is a graduate of the Naval War College and holds a BA with honors from Wesleyan University. Ms. Holt is on the Executive Board of Women in International Security (WIIS).

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