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Personalized Bobbleheads 04

by Christopher Preble | August 30th, 2015 | |Subscribe

New Innovations In Limousines Make The Ride More Enjoyable,Personalized Bobbleheads 88

When you journey by automobile,Custom bobbleheads 15, the best way to travel is in a limousine. When you are visiting Dallas, Dallas limousine services are available to get you where you wish to go in style. A Dallas limo is what you will most enjoy when it comes to special occasion travel, such as for weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties or proms. Limos in Dallas come with several new innovations that will make any trip in them extra special.

If you are renting a dallas limousine for the big day of a wedding, you will be pleased when your luxury vehicle has a special wedding door. This will enable the bride to make a stunning exit from the dallas limo,bobbleheads, showcasing her beautiful gown. Other innovations that you will find inside a stretch limousine is a flat screen TV with a CD and DVD. Your wedding is such a big day,Custom bobbleheads,Personalized Bobbleheads 10, and the ride in the limousine is one time during the day when you can really relax out of sight of prying eyes,Personalized Bobbleheads, and listening to your favorite music or watching a memorable movie as you travel can give you some quiet time to prepare for your busy day ahead. Of course, after the wedding and reception are over, you will want elegant transportation to the airport so you can start your honeymoon. Limo Service in Dallas also comes with mood lighting, private partitions and wet bars, so you and your new spouse can enjoy some quiet time together.

Of course, before your wedding comes all of the parties associated with getting married, such as the bachelor and bachelorette festivities. One fun and safe way to enjoy yourself to to consider using a limousine bus for the night of your big event. You and all of your guests can enjoy the mood lighting, television with music and movie capabilities, and wet bars to get the party rolling. Some special limousines come with karaoke machines. Imagine you and your friends giving the singing performance of your life aboard your luxury limousine bus. With this type of elegant transportation, you can bar hop without the worries that come from drinking and driving. Leave the driving to your professional chauffeur on your party night, and ensure that everyone gets home safely and without unpleasant incident.

If you have young adults that are prom bound, as a parent you can help make sure that your children travel to dinner and the dance in safety through the use of a Dallas limo rental. You want to honor your young graduates, and to make them feel special a stretch limousine is the way to go.

Personalized Bobbleheads 45

by Christopher Preble | August 30th, 2015 | |Subscribe

Oracle Buys Acme Packet

Today, we saw Merger Monday return as Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) announced that it was buying Acme Packet (NASDAQ:APKT) for $2.1 billion. It will pay $29.25 per share which is a 22% premium over Acme Packet’s closing price on Friday. Oracle’s entry into the IP network business confirms my persistent confidence in Audiocodes (NASDAQ:AUDC) as an E SBC player in the voice over IP (OTCPK:VOIP) market.

Oracle is paying $2.1 billion for Acme Packet which equates to 6.7 times sales. I promise you that Oracle isn’t paying this multiple without reason. Today, you have an opportunity to buy Audiocodes which has the same dominance in the enterprise side as Acme Packet does in the service provider side of the E SBC market. Audiocodes is a one year old player in the E SBC market,Custom bobbleheads, but it is important to note that historically, it has always commanded a top 1 or 2 spot in its markets.

Acme Packet is the dominant session border controller (SBC) pure play on the service provider side. Audiocodes is the dominant enterprise session border controller (E SBC) pure play on the enterprise side.

The integration of Acme Packet into Oracle could be an opportunity for Audiocodes as some of Acme Packet’s customers may be wary of signing an extensive contract with the industry behemoth and may look for an alternative.

Institutional Interest With today’s buyout, I would expect to see analysts and investors that followed Acme Packet turn their attention to Audiocodes. We saw this already as Needham’s analyst in a note out this morning on the buyout,Custom bobbleheads 75,Personalized Bobbleheads, said “This could suggest interest from other computing/data center players in similar assets. Most notably Sonus Networks (NASDAQ:SONS),bobbleheads, but possibly also players such as Audiocodes .”

Audiocodes is ranked 3 in the E SBC market behind Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) and Acme Packet. Next week, Audiocodes’ CEO will be in New York meeting investors. Institutional interest will now be multiples stronger after today’s news. Keep an eye out for news coming out of Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Lync conference February 18 21 and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 25 28.

Audiocodes should be an even more attractive takeover candidate:

o Microsoft Audiocodes with its One Voice Lync is the only single source provider for Microsoft buyers with a complete end to end voice solution package,Personalized Bobbleheads 17.

o Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Google is developing its Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) system,bobbleheads 75. If it wants to bring this to enterprises then it will need Audiocodes’ expertise in VoIP.

o Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) Dell is moving away from PCs and towards the enterprise market. Audiocodes with its E SBC’s and its Microsoft One Lync program would be an attractive addition to its product portfolio.

o BroadSoft (NASDAQ:BSFT) Audiocodes is a partner of BroadSoft and it already provides media gateways, E SBCs, MSBRs, and HD IP phones that are fully integrated into BroadSoft’s VoIP environment.

o Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR) Juniper’s routers are lacking in voice expertise. Audiocodes could bring this to Juniper.

Gastrointestinal symptoms

by Christopher Preble | August 27th, 2015 | |Subscribe

Gastrointestinal symptoms reported by moms more common in kids with autism Gastrointestinal symptoms reported by mothers were more common and more often persistent in the first three years of life in children with autism spectrum disorder than in children with typical development and developmental delay, according cheap jerseys to an article published online by JAMA Psychiatry. Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are characterized by problems in social communication and interaction, as well as restricted/repetitive behaviors. Medical and psychiatric conditions are frequently associated with ASD and among the most common are gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms and disorders, according to study background. GI symptoms were based on mothers reporting constipation, diarrhea and food allergy/intolerance. Mothers of children with ASD also were more likely to report one or more GI symptoms in their children in either of the age ranges and they were more than twice as likely wholesale jerseys to report at least one GI symptom in both age ranges compared with mothers wholesale jerseys of children with typical development or wholesale mlb jerseys china developmental delay, the study results indicate. "Even though GI symptoms are common in early childhood, physicians should be mindful that children with ASD may be experiencing more GI difficulties in the first three years of life than children with TD and DD. Furthermore, the GI symptoms may be more persistent in children with ASD. The potential for underrecognition and undertreatment of GI dysfunction in the context of a complicated developmental picture is cheap nfl jerseys real. Treatments that address GI symptoms may significantly contribute to the well being of children with ASD and may be useful in reducing difficult behaviors," the study concludes.Editor’s Note: This research was supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services, the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, a grant from the National Institutes of Health /National Russell Wilson Jersey Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and other sources.
speeding the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria and increasing the levels of a protein that’s Odell Beckham Jr Youth Jersey been associated with cancer. Antibiotic resistance and IGF 1 Regarding the first point, they charge that using rBGH may cause higher rates of udder infections in cows (called mastitis), which in turn increases the use of antibiotics to treat those animals. This group fears that treating bacteria with antibiotics on farms could increase the number of drug resistant bacteria, including those wholesale jerseys china that infect humans. To the second point, critics of growth hormone usage also argue that rBGH may boost levels of a protein found in cow’s milk called IGF 1 and some Khalil Mack Youth Jersey research has linked this specific protein (though not milk consumption, importantly) to cancer growth. "We know that greater cheap jerseys circulating levels of IGF 1 in blood translate to higher risk, but we don’t know if drinking milk leads to increasing levels in blood," says David Wallinga, MD, senior advisor in science, food and health at the Institute for Agriculture
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and Western Australia

by Christopher Preble | August 27th, 2015 | |Subscribe

and Western Australia. The population wholesale jerseys from china has been conservatively estimated to be fewer than 2,500 mature individuals at the start of the breeding season, however more wholesale jerseys optimistic estimates have placed the total population as closer to c.10,000 mature individuals (J. Woinarski in litt. 2007). The results of an wholesale nhl jerseys from china expert panel review process concluded that the population was c2,400 mature individuals in wholesale jerseys china 2010, which potentially falls to an annual minimum close to 1,000 individuals during the wet season (Garnett et al. 2011). Monitoring of the population size at the best known site near Katherine has demonstrated population stability (O. Price per Woinarski in litt. 2007). Similarly, monitoring at Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary in central Kimberley has shown no evidence of a decline over four years from 2004 to 2007 (S. Legge in litt. 2007), and the overall population is estimated to be stable or increasing (Garnett et al. Woinarski in litt. 2007). The results of an expert panel review process concluded that the most plausible
up as starting a new endeavor at the PARC. So, Chuck and I met on a [job] interview. He was about to start a lab called the Imaging Sciences Laboratory. They built the first version of a personal computer in the [Xerox] Alto and had the beginnings of graphic wholesale nfl jerseys china user interfaces. They were going to the next generation machine and all of the stuff they had done was very machine specific. I was chartered with building the device independent data representation for dealing with graphics. They had started using laser printers and [Xerox printing protocols were not terribly flexible they had very, Authentic Colin Kaepernick Jersey very specific bitmaps [fixed resolution images] that they used for wholesale nfl jerseys fonts. They were okay for producing letters and reports, but they could not deal with sophisticated graphics. At Evans Sutherland John Gaffney and I Authentic Nelson Agholor Jersey developed a language called the Design System that wholesale nfl jerseys ran on [Digital wholesale jerseys from china Equipment Corp.] PDP 11s. It was an interpretive language and had the same syntax and structure that PostScript ended up having. I decided that I needed
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to go through

by Christopher Preble | August 27th, 2015 | |Subscribe

to go through; to implement the laws, the sub decrees, etc. It was a step forward because it gave Cambodia an agenda to work towards," says Sciaroni. I cannot think of anybody else. He’s a fervent believer in market freedom." "Cambodia has done well [with its] labor intensive model but it needs to shift into a more skilled labor model." Sidgwick Siphana, a practicing lawyer who cheap jerseys from china studied in the United States, witnessed Cambodia’s transition firsthand. He was a Cheap Jerseys From China teenager when Phnom Penh fell to the Khmer Rouge on April 17, 1975. He tells a tragic but familiar tale of families torn apart, adults and children Authentic Marcus Mariota Jersey sent to hard labor, starvation, post war reunion and rebuilding life from Cheap Jerseys scratch. Siphana likens his country to a person who has been released from prison. "Can you imagine the joy, Authentic Eddie Lacy Jersey the desire to catch up, the willingness to work hard, to catch up on what we missed out on? We had nothing: zero base, infrastructure destroyed, social fabric destroyed." Apart from the psychological incentive
for the poor, or federal subsidies designed to wholesale jerseys make coverage affordable. Industry observers say a state created exchange would have been able to cheap jerseys respond more quickly to market forces unique to Georgia. The state also could have had some flexibility in how an exchange operated, such as who would govern it and how it contracts with health plans, said Tim Sweeney, a health care policy expert at the nonprofit Georgia Budget and Policy Institute. While Georgia choosing not to create its own exchange may be a missed opportunity, consumers will still have access to the same options under a federal marketplace, Cheap Jerseys Sweeney added. "It’s important for people to know that there will still be an exchange here," he said. "Other provisions of the wholesale nfl jerseys china law will be implemented this is not opting out of the law." Even though Georgia doesn’t plan to create its own exchange, state officials have much to do in the coming months. "There are still plenty of decisions to be made on cheap jerseys china how to coordinate with a federal exchange,"
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IAEA Technical Cooperation: Sustainable Development with a Nuclear Twist

by Audrey Williams | August 11th, 2015 | |Subscribe

Audrey Williams is a Program Associate at PSA, where she contributes to programs on the IAEA, conflict resolution, and bipartisan foreign policy. She was previously a Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow at The Stimson Center, where she published a report on IAEA technical cooperation in the 21st Century.


IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano visist the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute in 2013.  Photo Credit: Conleth Brady / IAEA

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano visist the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute in 2013. Photo Credit: Conleth Brady / IAEA


In the fall of 2014, as the Ebola crisis raged in West Africa, a seemingly unlikely actor entered the effort to prevent the disease’s spread: the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In the case of the Ebola crisis, the IAEA sent material support to Sierra Leone to help achieve faster diagnoses, which were crucial to both treating and preventing the spread of the disease. Months later, the IAEA brought together 20 experts from 13 African countries for a project to strengthen early detection of disease outbreaks on the continent.

The IAEA is often called a “nuclear watchdog,” and it is certainly a crucial international actor in the effort to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. Yet the Agency’s contributions to peace and security go beyond safeguards and verifications. It is a little known fact that the IAEA has long been a development actor, carrying out projects across food and agriculture, human health, the environment, and other themes in 131 countries and territories through its Technical Cooperation Programme.


‘No’ to Iran Means No Forever

by PSA Staff | August 11th, 2015 | |Subscribe

Samuel Berger is the former White House national security advisor and current co-chair of Albright Stonebridge Group. He is a member of PSA’s Advisory Board. This article originally appeared in Politico.

There is a notion cultivated by opponents of the Iran nuclear agreement, attractive to members of Congress under intense pressure to vote no, that congressional rejection of the agreement will enable U.S. negotiators to reach a better deal. The expectation is, that with a further turn of the screws, we can pressure the Iranians to give more and/or we give less. But it can’t happen.


Don’t Forget our Daughters: The Importance of Girls in Guaranteeing Future Security

by PSA Staff | August 3rd, 2015 | |Subscribe

*Kyleanne Hunter is a PhD Candidate at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.  Prior to entering academia, she served as a United States Marine Corps Officer for over a decade, flying the AH-1W “Super Cobra” in multiple combat deployments, and serving as the liaison officer to the House of Representatives.

An 8 year old girl and a backpack.  This is a seemingly innocent and innocuous image.  Yet she is perhaps one of the strongest allies the US has in its fight against terrorist-producing extremism and the destabilizing effects of failed states.  In the past decade, numerous studies and reports have linked state stability, security, and profitability to women’s equality.  Of particular note are the findings in the seminal work Sex and World Peace[1] linking gender equality to a lack of involvement in either intra or inter state armed conflict.  While much attention has been paid to the important role women play in stabilizing previously conflict-ridden countries, there is still woefully little done to ensure this positive trend remains well into the future.


Libya: Making a Friend out of the Enemy of our Enemy

by PSA Staff | July 29th, 2015 | |Subscribe

*Alex Braha is a Senior Associate at Andreae & Associates in Washington, DC, where she focuses on political and security issues in Africa and the Middle East. She received her M.A. in International Security from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver.

The beginning of this month saw glimmers of hope quickly turn back to stalemate with the UN-led negotiations to solve the crisis in Libya. July began with Abdullah al-Thinni, the prime minister for the internationally recognized government currently in power in Tobruk, proclaiming his hopes that a peace deal could be signed at the latest round of talks. This was followed a few days later by the refusal of the rival government in Tripoli to show at the peace talks, expressing their rejection of the UN proposal and suggested amendments from the Tobruk government. The latest iteration of a peace plan is the fourth draft undertaken by UN envoy Bernadino Leon, and the closest he has been to consensus. But with the last minute refusal by the Tripoli government, how many more chances remain to get a deal?


How Iran turns lemons into high-octane lemonade

by PSA Staff | July 10th, 2015 | |Subscribe

Robert C. “Bud” McFarlane served as President Ronald Reagan’s National Security Advisor from 1983-1985, and is a member of PSA’s distinguished Advisory Board. This post originally appeared in the Washington Times

In 2009, as intelligence reports confirmed that Iran — the world’s leading state-sponsor of terrorism — had resumed its nuclear weapons development program, the efforts of American policy officials to reverse it focused first on Iranian vulnerabilities. What critical commodity or service essential to daily life in Iran might be restricted by sanctions and thereby influence the government of Iran to change course? It didn’t take long to identify such a strategic commodity: gasoline.


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