Getting the UN into Darfur

by Brian Vogt | October 13th, 2006 | |Subscribe

I hope that everyone has had a chance to see PSA’s recent statement on the Darfur crisis.  Although this week much attention has understandably been focused on North Korea, I strongly believe that it is important that at the same time we don’t push other issues of enormous humanitarian concern to the sidelines. 

I’d like to highlight a report on Darfur that the International Crisis Group released on Thursday that lays out the different options in dealing with this conflict.  I think that they do an excellent job of evaluating the pros and cons of different choices.  What is clear is that there is much more that we could be doing.  The Darfur Peace and Accountability has finally been passed by the House and the Senate.  The President will be signing this in the next several days. However, this is only a starting point.  There are many more things that we could be doing to put pressure on the Sudanese government to allow in UN peacekeepers.  Many of these have already been supported by the UN Security Council.  So, I ask, what are we waiting for? 

In other news, I’m actually heading out to the Congo (DRC) on Monday and will be there for a month.  I’ll be serving an international election observer with the Carter Center.  It promises to be quite an interesting experience.  While I’m gone, Jordan Tama will be guest blogging for me.  I look forward to updating you on the situation on the ground in the Congo upon my return. 

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